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New Recordings Summer 2019

Grow Up EP

Charlton is currently working on an EP of all original recordings in the studio w/his old friend, colleague, drummer extroidinaire & producer Rich Mossman, who has been involved w/Charlton's music since his first band as a singer/songwriter in Virginia. Rich has often said that Charlton's songs are the soundtrack to his life. The songs span throughout Charlton's career & he'll be documenting new sounds while revisiting a few tunes previously recorded w/ a new approach. One such song is "Grow Up", originally recorded in 2000 by friend/producer/musician Michael Mulder, which is being considered as the title track. A new instrumental featuring his finger-style technique is in the works called "Sitcom". This will be leading to an upcoming full length in 2020! Stay tuned for updates as the project progresses...